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Early Morning Studioo

Early Morning Studio is an independent indie game studio, made up of Emir Kuljanin, Kristian Andersson and Julijana Mijailovic. The studio focuses on creating high quality old-school RPG games, and always assume players are intelligent and can figure things out on their own.

Our Company

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Early Morning Studio was founded by Kristian Andersson and Emir Kuljanin while they were still in university in Sweden, as a necessary outlet for their inner creative drive, a desire to create new worlds. After months of hard work, without any resources but with a lot of passion, their first game title, Vampire’s Fall, was finished. It was a success that they didn’t expect, but had a lot of hope for, and it motivated them to keep studying and eventually find jobs within the game industry. However, the desire to create their own games and worlds only grew. With a new game idea brewing, they found the missing peace that made them into a trio: Lead Artist Julijana from Serbia. Together, they teamed up to make another game, using and combining all the knowledge and experience they acquired through the years. They invested all their free time, energy, love and passion for world-building, fantasy, old-school games and strategy to create Vampire’s Fall: Origins, a prequel of their first game, that was inspired by the classic RPGs we grew up with.

Our Core Team