Ninja Zombie Panda Run
Play the weirdest infinite runner game to date! After stealing the secret for search engine optimization you must escape from the giant corporation Boogle. Play as the mutant Ninja Zombie Panda working on behalf of the secret organization Identifious.
World of Paint - Puzzle
World of Paint is color sparkling problem solving puzzle game with a never before seen twist. By painting your own picture you create a unique way to finish the level by getting the ball to the goal. The color affects the ball and there are millions of different ways to place your color - the freedom to paint is endless. Let the colors fill your mind!
My Panda Minion
What do you get if you mix the tamagotchi/pet concept with RPG-elements? My Panda Minion! Living inside your cell-phone, your panda will need to be taken care of and entertained. If done properly, you'll be able to send him on missions, play mini-games, equip gear, raid other pandas and much more.
Vampire's Fall
Immerse yourself in a story of dark fantasy, adventure, vengeance, and blood that begins with the creation of your own unique vampire. Search new areas, discover quests, and find treasure. Customize your skills, stats, and gear. Wage war against powerful enemies in your fight to become a mighty vampire lord.