One week later...

March 30, 2014

Almost one week ago I was thinking to myself that I was getting more and more cautious of new ideas. I often end up thinking and planning for so long I lose interest in doing any actual work. To remedy this, I decided I'm going to make the best game I can in a week.

Now, one week later I've worked insane amounts of hours but I've also enjoyed it very much. The time limit itself forced me to design the game in ways that resulted in "core gameplay", rather than building stuff around it. The result is Ninja Zombie Panda Run. It's out on android and will be on iOS soon. Huge thanks to Niklas Persson who helped me with everything from graphic design to level design. 





World of Paint

March 16, 2014


A new game have just been released. Try it out it out! It's a combination of puzzle and painting and will hopefully challenge your brain. The game is out on Android right now, and will be out on iOS as soon as possible.

Link to game




New Game

January 20, 2014

Even though we are still maintaining VF and My Panda Minion, work on a new game have begun. Me (Kristian) will be the one working on the game while Emir might assist with some iPhone specific tasks.

The game will be a kind of puzzle game. More info to come.


My Panda Minion is back online

November 25, 2013

After a lot of hectic hours, I think the server should be stable now. I'll keep an extra eye on it for a few days even though it seems OK now. And I almost forgot to write: My Panda Minion is now avaliable on iTunes!


Urgent maintenance

November 23, 2013

Becuase of unanticipated traffic to our My Pnada Minion servers, we have to rewrite a lot of server-side code. We're hoping to have MPM running again within two days. Thanks for your patience and sorry for keeping your panda away from you.


My Panda Minion is released

November 1, 2013

Hi everyone! After six months of hard work My Panda Minion is finally released. It's out on Google Play now and will be out on the App Store within two weeks. We even managed to produce an awesome trailer! We hope you'll like it. And oh, we also have a facebook page for My Panda Minion


My Panda Minion is now in closed beta

September 4, 2013

We were all up late last night, working on the final parts that had to be finished before the beta release. Our initial release date for the beta was set to the 1st of september - and the beta was published Early Morning on the 4th of september. Considering the difficulity to estimate dates in game development, I think we did a pretty good job =)

If you want to join beta testing, send a join request to our Google beta test group. Android devices are required for beta testing.

So what's next? Well, we still have a lot of stuff on our to-do lists. I better get back to work =)



My Panda Minion progress

August 9, 2013

My Panda Minion is really starting to come along now. We're working diligently at this every single day and it's starting to show results.


The game is about an evil Panda that is your personal minion. You can do pranks with him, dress him up and buy stuff for him. As any half-decent panda, he needs to be taken care of! That means you need to feed him, put him to sleep and let him have fun. The happier he is, the faster his energy will regenerate. And the more energy he has, the more stuff you can do with him. For instance, you can use the energy to play a mini-game where you use a slingshot to hurdle waterbaloons on seniors.


Playing the mini-games can give your panda coins. With these coins you can then purchase clothes and other gear.


Finally, a big part of the game is the multiplayer. Using energy, you can raid other players and steal their coins! How well your raiding goes depends on what gear you have on and what collectibles you own. Collectibles are items gained through single-player missions. 


This game is still under development but we plan to start beta testing next month and then release it by the end of September. It will be avaliable for iOS and Android - free of charge!


Here are some more screenshots:




Working on My Panda Minion

July 23, 2013

We're working full time on our next game: My Panda Minion! To the left is me and Kristian and to the right is Fei Liu and Jonas Ludwigsson. Fei and Jonas are collaborators for this game.



Krime Media became Early Morning Studio

July 17, 2013

We decided we weren't happy with Krime Media so we changed the name to Early Morning Studio. Why Early Morning Studio? Because we're both very tired in the mornings and we probably wouldn't get up so early if we weren't developing games.






The website is getting ready!

July 17, 2013

In the midst of all the hectic game development I had to take some time to make a simple website for us. The idea is that this site will work as the news source for everything related to Early Morning Studio and all of the games we make.