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Backend Developer

Early Morning Studio is a game development company that focuses on immersive role-playing games. Our most successful title Vampire’s Fall: Origins has over 8 million downloads worldwide.

The company is 100% remotely operated, with people from all over the world (Sweden, UK, Serbia, Canada, Pakistan, Turkey, USA, Philippines). Currently 14 people work full time on Early Morning Studio.

Now the company is looking to expand its operations by hiring a backend developer. The position is full-time (40 hours per week) and long-term (at least 6 months).

-At least 3 years of experience working as a Backend Developer.
-Passion for games, especially RPGs.
-Fluent English.
-Great communication skills.
-Ability to work as team member as well as on your own.

-Experience with Unity3D.
-Proficient with C#.
-Hands on experience with creating and consuming Rest APIs.
-Worked as lead backend developer for at least 1 published title having 100k+ MAU.

-Writing performant backend code in javascript on top of GameSparks API.
-Knowledge of NodeJS and Firebase offerings.
-Basic to Moderate knowledge of designing web based front ends (Admin Panels).
-Writing database code that scales to millions of users (MongoDB).
-Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL.
-Profiling backend calls to optimize slow performant code and database calls.
-Setting up database documents with correct indexing.
-Handling integrations from backend to other related systems (incl Slack, Firebase).
-Communicating server-side interface to client side team.

*Tech stack*
-Client side is Unity3D C#.
-Backends are GameSparks and Firebase, with connections out to other systems.
-GameSparks backend is written in javascript. MongoDB database.
-Game has turn-based multiplayer.

To apply, please send your CV to